About NC Arrest Records

The North Carolina Public Records Law allows almost unlimited access to civil and criminal governmental dockets. Nevertheless, obtaining specific information may turn out to be a little complicated and may demand plenty of time due to the great number of official bodies responsible for handling and storing the relevant dockets and the bureaucracy involved in asking for them.

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How to perform an NC criminal record check

To further assist our readers in performing criminal record checks, the website focuses on each of NC counties separately while showing the local institutions (e.g. the sheriff, the Clerk of Court) and the governmental databases one has to refer to in order to obtain relevant background information. We are positively sure our readers will find the content to be interesting and, more importantly, helpful.

Information you will be able to obtain

All you have to do is type a person’s name and after less than a minute you will get elaborate background reports containing criminal histories and civil data. You will be able to view arrest records, warrants, police records, criminal court dockets and prior convictions. Regarding civil data, our search engine will provide you with marriage and divorce records, property records, contact information, a person’s former addresses, his or her aliases and much more.

Sources of information

The search tool on the website is simultaneously connected to thousands of private and governmental sources from which it gets its search results. Relying on so many sources is meant to ensure accuracy and reliability. The databases the website relies upon are updated on a regular basis, so that you can view the most recent data.

Protecting your privacy

Your anonymity is our top priority. All searches performed through the website’s search tool are fully confidential. This means that not the person you are searching nor anyone else will know about your inquiry. Under no circumstances will this website reveal your searches or any detail about you to a third party.