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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Find Beaufort County Arrest Records & Warrants How to Find Beaufort County Arrest Records & Warrants Stay away from dangerous people: learn how to search for Beaufort County Arrest Records and active warrants, NC. Use this website's background check tool.
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Where to Look for Beaufort County Arrest Records  

The last thing you want to do is to expose yourself, your loved ones or your business to people with a criminal history. This article will explain to you how to carry out a background check on individuals who matter to you by obtaining information on Beaufort County arrest records and warrants.

Running an arrest search

To discover if a person has ever been incarcerated and spent time behind bars, you should refer to the local jail. Unfortunately, their website does not have an electronic database that presents Beaufort County arrest records, so you will have to physically visit them or call them (112 W. 2nd St. Washington, North Carolina 27889, phone: 252-946-7113) in order to inquire about a specific offender.

Alternatively, you can expand your inquiry to the entire state. The Department of Public Safety has an online database you can use to trace North Carolina arrest records. You will need to provide a name (and additional details - such as offender number, gender, ethnicity or DOB - if you want to narrow your search) and you will be presented with an electronic file containing an inmate's personal details and a mugshot as well as incarceration status, location within the state's prison system, conviction and arrest date, total incarceration term, future release date, next custody review and the crime that has been committed.  This database also displays absconders and former inmates who have been released.

Carrying out a warrant lookup

Beaufort County arrest records display names of people who have been captured and put in jail. They do not show wanted people. To find out if a person is suspected of being involved in a criminal activity and is, therefore, being sought by the police, you will need to perform a warrant search.

We suggest visiting the sheriff office (210 N. Market St. Washington, NC 27889, phone: 252-946-7111) where you can inquire about a specific individual. Unless the case in question is under an ongoing investigation or a minor is involved, the sheriff is willing to share information on Beaufort County arrest warrants mainly out of public safety considerations.

In addition, you can turn to Beaufort Police Department (215 Pollock St., Beaufort, North Carolina 28516, phone: 252-728-4561) and ask to view their list of wanted persons. They will probably be willing to help as they believe that cooperation with the public will expedite their investigations and assist them in solving cases.

Going to the court

The court is also where you can inquire about arrest warrants as this is where they are issued. We strongly advise going to the Clerk of Superior Court and asking to view copies of Beaufort County court records. You will be asked to file a formal FOIA request. North Carolina Public Records Law obligates the authorities to give the public access to records they store in their archives.

Using this website for a full background check

This website's search tool enables you to check the background of any person living in the North Carolina (and the entire United States). You just need to type a name and you will get an updated criminal history report related to that name. Each report includes Beaufort County arrest records, outstanding warrants and court dockets. If the person has a criminal history in other NC counties and other states, it will be shown in the report as well. Searchers' anonymity is 100% guaranteed. Service fees are highly affordable.