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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Your Guide to Finding Jackson County Arrest Records Your Guide to Finding Jackson County Arrest Records Simple instructions showing you how to search for Jackson County arrest records & warrants, NC. Use this site's name-based criminal background check tool
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What You Need to know to Get Access to Jackson County Arrest Records and Warrants

With rising crime rates in recent years, it is quite understandable why it has become urgent to make sure people you interact with on a daily basis (for example, your kid's babysitter or a new employee you are about to hire) do not have a criminal history. This article explains how to find Jackson County arrest records and warrants as part of an overall background check.

Does a person you know has an arrest history?

The best way to find Jackson County arrest records is to use the inmate search tool on the Sheriff's website. It shows offenders currently detained in the local jail including their mugshot and personal details, incarceration date, confining agency, charge description, offense date and bond type and amount.

To garner information on past detainees, you'll need to get access to Jackson County court records as these records detail a person's convictions in court and, as a result, his/her jail sentences.

You should go to the office of the Superior Court Clerk (401 Grindstaff Cove Rd. Sylva, North Carolina 28779, phone: 828-631-6400) and ask them to grant you access to their court dockets as well as to perform a criminal record search for you. You will be required fill out and submit a special form, which you can download here.

Carrying out a more comprehensive North Carolina inmate search

Jackson County arrest records are limited as they present only local detainees. To expend your inquiry to correctional facilities all over the state, refer to the online Offender Public Information Search operated by the NC Department of Public Safety. Type an inmate's full name and you'll be presented with an electronic record showing his or her personal details (gender, age, ethnicity), conviction date, sentence type, county of conviction, docket number and offense description (including date and type). This online database also provides information on inmate releases, absconders and escapees.

How to do a warrant search

Jackson County warrants are issued by the court upon police request. Once these warrants are released, they remained valid indefinitely until the suspect is apprehended.

To find out if there is an arrest order against a person you know or even against yourself (which you are not aware of), go to the Administration Division at the Sheriff Office (399 Grindstaff Cove Rd. Sylva, NC 28779), as they are responsible for providing the public with reports and general information. Once you are there, ask about the county's wanted people and about the person that interests you specifically. You can set an appointment in advance by calling them at 828-586-4355.

You can also carry out a Jackson County warrant search by turning to your local police, for example Sylva Police Department (755 W Main St. Sylva, NC 28779, phone: 828-586-2916). Ask them to show you their list of wanted people and check whether the person you are inquiring about appears on that list.

A word of caution, if you go to the police to inquire about yourself and it is discovered that there is an outstanding warrant on your name, you'll be immediately arrested, so you had better send someone else to inquire on your behalf.  

How can this website assist you

This website puts at your disposal a nifty search tool. By inserting an individual's name, you will get a report revealing his full criminal history if he has one. Each report contains, among the rest, information on  Jackson County arrest records, warrants and court dockets as well as police and criminal records issued in the entire state.  The reports are highly accurate and up-to-date as they derive their data from vast private and official public databases. All searches are 100% confidential and anonymous. Service fees are highly affordable.