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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Search North Carolina Arrest Records by County Search North Carolina Arrest Records by County Learn how to find NC arrest records and how to perform a background check in each county. Use an advanced online tool to check on people that matter to you
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NC Arrest Records Search by County

The most effective way to carry out a background check on yourself

The most effective way to carry out a background check on yourself or other people is to use your county resources to find NC arrest records. Below we explain how to use these resources focusing on each and every one of NC counties.

The Difference between NC arrest records and criminal records

NC arrest records present a person’s incarceration history regardless of whether he was trialed and found guilty of a crime or not. Criminal records are issued when a person was convicted of either a misdemeanor or a felony. Practically speaking, if you have an arrest record on your name, you can still be innocent. A criminal record, on the other hand, is a formal indication that you were actively involved in a criminal activity.

Carrying out an arrest inquiry

An arrest inquiry should be the first step of any background check. Therefore, we strongly suggest that before you start searching for NC criminal records, try to find out if a person has ever been incarcerated. There is one central online database that can help you in this regard. The DPS Offender Public Information enables you to search for an inmate in correctional facilities around the state. You will need to type a name or an offender number and you will be presented with the following details: the inmate’s personal details, conviction date, offenses, punishment type, county of conviction and (in some files) a mugshot. This database also enables you to see inmate releases, escapes and absconders.

Performing a county search

Undoubtedly, the best place to trace NC arrest records is to run your inquiry on a county level. Turn to your sheriff for information on local detainees. Some of the websites managed by the sheriff have online inquiry tools. For instance, you can look for Gaston County arrest records using this link.

How to search for NC criminal records?

To find out if a person has ever been convicted of an offense, you will have to get access to North Carolina court records by submitting a FOIA request to the county’s Clerk of Court (to see contact information of all clerks, refer to the county articles which appear on the list above). It should be noted that according to The North Carolina Public Records Law from 1935, you have the full right to view NC court records of any type, criminal and civil.

Running a warrant search in your county

North Carolina warrants can also be searched effectively with the help of your county resources. What you have to do to inquire whether a certain person is wanted by the police is go to the sheriff office since every warrant issued by the court reached there for processing and execution. For your benefit, some sheriffs operate a computerized data bank on their website you can use freely. For instance, you can inquire about Union County warrants by referring to the following wanted people list.

So Why would you want to Search for NC arrest records?

There are situations in life that necessitate a back ground check. Supposing you wish to hire a nurse for your elderly parents or a nanny for your kids; supposing you are dating a new guy – would you not want to be 100% sure these people have not spent time in jail? Your personal safety should be your first priority.