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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Buncombe County Arrest Records Buncombe County Arrest Records How to access Buncombe County arrest records & other police dockets in NC. Use an accurate online tool for a background check on people that matter to you.
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How to Access Buncombe County Arrest Records

Buncombe County Arrest Records and other police dockets, such as warrants, can be found quite easily. North Carolina Public Records Laws promises any person access to governmental archives and to materials needed for a background check.

Where to search for Buncombe County Arrest Records

To inquire about current inmates, you may call the local detention facility at 828-250-4550. There is also a computerized jail roster on the sheriff’s website. It shows incarcerated people including their mugshot, booking and release date, next court date, charges, status, docket # and bond amount.

Accessing NC arrest records

For a much broader investigation, refer to online searchable database maintained by the NC Department of Safety. It enables you to locate active and inactive inmates statewide. You may also search for probationers, parolees and absconders.

Conducting a warrant search

Buncombe County warrants will tell you if a person is wanted by the police. There is no official data bank on the Internet on which you can view them, so you will have to drop by the sheriff office (60 Court Plaza, 4th Floor Asheville, North Carolina 28801) and conduct an offline inquiry. We suggest making a public information request at the sheriff’s Information Officer. Processing time is up to 3 business days.

Searching for Buncombe County court records

Details on person’s history of prosecutions and convictions are laid out by Buncombe County court records. To obtain copies of these records and any other judicial dockets, turn to the Criminal Division of the Clerk of the Superior Court (60 Court Plaza, Asheville, NC 28801, ph: 828-259-3400). You will be asked to file a request to view public information and pay a $25 fee.

Use an efficient background check service

To save you much time and plenty of bureaucracy you will encounter if you turn to governmental agencies, we recommend the search services of By typing the subject’s name, you will get detailed criminal history reports which display Buncombe County Arrest Records, warrants, police records, conviction records and more. Civil dockets are also included in the search. The data is reliable, accurate and up to date. Searchers’ anonymity is fully maintained.