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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Catawba County Warrants and Arrest Records Catawba County Warrants and Arrest Records Find Catawba County warrants, jail records and criminal and civil court dockets, NC. Utilize this website's search tool to perform background checks
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How to Search for Catawba County Warrants and Arrest Records

Are people that you know (or think you know) wanted for a crime they committed in the past? This question can be answered by examining Catawba County warrants. Arrest records, in turn, will tell you if one of these people has ever spent time in jail, and so they should be sought as well if you intend to run an efficient background check.

Inquiring about Catawba County warrants

The first source to turn to in order to obtain information on the county’s fugitives is the wanted list published by the sheriff. It contains names and mugshots of people against whom criminal warrants have been issued. For more information, you can call the sheriff office at 828-464-5241. Another source to get updated on Catawba County warrants is the office of the Magistrate. They issue arrest orders upon police demand. Visit them in person (100 Government Services Dr, Newton, North Carolina 28658. phone: 828-327-9093) to inquire about people that matter to you.

Carrying out an arrest search

The sheriff can also assist you in finding Catawba County arrest records. His website contains a jail roster with names of people currently incarcerated in the county jail plus a description of their charges, booking date, court date, court docket #, bond amount and the agency that made the arrest.

A statewide inmate inquiry

Information on NC arrest records can be found on the online offender database of the Department of Public Safety. This database includes names of active and inactive inmates in all of the state’s correctional facilities.

Obtaining copies of Catawba County court dockets

To perform a case search that will tell you if a person has a history of convictions, you should try to obtain copies of Catawba County court dockets. We advise that you refer to the office of the Clerk Superior Court and submit a formal request for copies of public records. A certified copy will cost you $25. For more details on how to search for public information, read the e-book published by the NC Attorney General.

Using an advanced background check tool

This website explains how to perform a criminal records search in all of NC counties. You can also use its advanced electronic inquiry tool to get comprehensive criminal history reports on any person residing in the state. These reports contain Catawba County warrants, jail records and any other docket issued by the court. The data is derived from multiple private and governmental sources. That promises accuracy and reliability. Searchers remain anonymous from the moment they enter the website, especially when conducting an inquiry.