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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Cumberland County Arrest Records and Warrants Cumberland County Arrest Records and Warrants Learn how to obtain Cumberland County arrest records and warrants, NC. Inquire about a person's background using an advanced and accurate search tool.
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How to Obtain Cumberland County Arrest Records and Warrants

Cumberland County arrest records, warrants and court dockets are basically what you need to carry out a background check to unfold a person’s criminal history. The following lines will explain in detail how to obtain them.

Looking for Cumberland County arrest records

You will be able to find an active inmate lookup on the sheriff’s website. For a more thorough investigation, you can call the information desk of the county’s detention center at 910-672-5630 / 910-672-5622 or turn to the sheriff’s Special Services Office and pay $8 for a background check. If you wish to inquire about arrestees in the entire state, visit the online offender search operated by the state’s DPS. It enables you to look for NC arrest records including inactive inmates, probationers and parolees.

Performing a warrant inquiry

To initiate an inquiry about Cumberland County warrants, we strongly recommend contacting the sheriff’s Fugitive Section. They are in charge of processing arrest orders and outstanding warrants as well as apprehending fugitives. They are located at 131 Dick Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301, phone number: 910-672-5660.

Where can you find Cumberland County court records?

Court records will tell you whether the subject of your search has ever been convicted of any type of offense. You can ask to view copies of these records at the office of the Clerk of Courts. NC FOIA Laws grant you access to most governmental files including dockets issued by the court. For more information on how to obtain public records, go here. It is important to remember that Cumberland County arrest records do not necessarily indicate guilt (A person can be apprehended and still remain innocent). Court records, on the other hand, detail prosecutions and, as stated above, convictions in court.

Using this website search service

If you want to save plenty of precious time while finding all the information you need for a background check in one place, refer to the search service offered by It will provide you full criminal history reports containing Cumberland County arrest records, warrant, police records, court dockets and more. The search results also fully cover all other North Carolina's counties. You can also search other states and view civil records. The data is highly reliable and accurate as it is updated on a regular basis. Your anonymity is maintained from the moment you enter the website and start your inquiry.