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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Durham County Arrest Records Durham County Arrest Records The best sources that will help you find Durham County arrest records, NC. Use a search tool to reveal a person's criminal history in North Carolina
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Where and How to Inquire about Durham County Arrest Records

The following article will present you with the best sources that will help you find Durham County arrest records and check a person’s criminal background. Some statewide databases will also be shown for those who want to expand their inquiry to include other NC counties.

Your primary source for obtaining Durham County arrest records

The inmate population search on the sheriff’s website enables users to garner information on arrests made in the last 24 hours and in the last 30 days. Moreover, it presents detainees that have been in custody for a longer period of time. Once you click on a name that appears in the database, you will see incarceration and release date, charges and bond details.

Performing a statewide inmate inquiry

North Carolina arrest records can be viewed by referring to the computerized offender search managed by the NC DPS. This database displays current and former inmate in the state’s correctional facilities including also parolees, probationers and absconders.

How to carry out a criminal record check

To inquire whether the subject of your search has a criminal record (that is, he or she has been convicted of a crime), you will have to visit the office of the Clerk of Court, the Criminal Filing Division (510 South Dillard Street, Durham, NC, telephone: 919-808-3007). Once you get there, you will need to submit a request to view copies of Durham County court records. Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, the authorities are obligated to reveal most of the public dockets in their possession. The Attorney General has published an e-book that explains your rights and shows how to request public information. Be advised, some people tend to confuse Durham County arrest records with criminal records. That is a mistake. The former indicate arrests without conviction; the latter are issued after a person had been officially convicted in court.

Conducting a warrant search

Checking whether someone you know is suspected of committing a crime and is, thus, wanted by the police, you ought to arrive at the sheriff office (510 S Dillard Street, Durham, NC 27701. You can call them at 919-560-0897 or 919-560-0897) so as to garner information on Durham County warrants.

Another recommended search option

In case you are interested in an instant background check using one all-inclusive database, try the inquiry tool on You will be presented with detailed civil and criminal history reports that encompass Durham County arrest records, warrants, police records, court dockets and much more. The database also covers the entire state and country. The reports are highly accurate and updated. Your anonymity is strictly observed.