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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Find Edgecombe County Arrest Records and Warrants How to Find Edgecombe County Arrest Records and Warrants Clear guidelines to help you search for Edgecombe County arrest records warrants, and court dockets, NC. Use a powerful criminal history online inquiry tool
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Guidelines for Finding Edgecombe County Arrest Records and Warrants

Do you want to carry out a background check on yourself or any other person? You will need to start with tracing Edgecombe county arrest records as they will tell you if the one being checked has ever been taken into custody.

Here is how you start

Your first step should be visiting the sheriff office at 3005 Anaconda Road, Tarboro, North Carolina 27886 (Telephone:-252-641-7911). Go to the Record Division. They process incarceration reports, so they have all the information regarding Edgecombe county arrest records.

Doing an online arrest search

You can conduct your investigation on the Internet. We suggest navigating to the computerized database of the NC DPS. It shows all NC arrests including active and inactive inmates, absconders and releases.

How to trace Edgecombe county warrants

To find out if a person is wanted for an offense he is suspected of, once again you have to turn to the sheriff, the Detective Division. Unless we are talking about an ongoing investigation in which secrecy is required, the sheriff office is usually willing to release information regarding Edgecombe county warrants as they are guided by public safety considerations.

Inquiring about a person's criminal history of convictions

For a broader search that will reveal a person's prior convictions in court, you should seek copies of Edgecombe county court dockets at the office of the Clerk of Court. There are two ways to obtain the dockets: 1) Visiting the clerk's office in person (301 St. Andrew Street, Tarboro, North Carolina 27886, Criminal Division phone: 252-824-3200) 2) Sending a request by mail to Criminal Division - Records. PO Drawer 9 Tarboro, NC 27886. Be advised, you will be asked to pay a $25 fee and submit a special form called AOC CR-314. It can be downloaded here.

Using a powerful criminal history inquiry tool

If you want to save time, you can find out about a person's criminal history using the online tool on It will give you a full report containing Edgecombe county arrest records, outstanding warrants, civil and criminal court records and more. The information is updated regularly. Users' confidentiality is guaranteed.