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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Find Forsyth County Arrest Records Find Forsyth County Arrest Records Easy steps to help you search for Forsyth County arrest records, NC. Utilize an efficient background check tool to track a person's criminal history
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Easy Steps to Help You Find Forsyth County Arrest Records

The following article will show you a few easy steps to finding Forsyth County arrest records so as to assist you in carrying out a full background check on people who are important to you. When we say 'easy', we really do mean it: as you will find out, the search process is not complicated thanks to the availability of plenty of sources online and offline.

Using the sheriff to obtain Forsyth County arrest records

The sheriff operates an inmate inquiry tool on his website. By using it, you will be able to locate a detainee and learn about his or her charges, incarceration date, status or bond. The booking agency is mentioned as well. For more accurate information on Forsyth County arrest records, especially about the status of current inmates, you may try to contact the local detention center directly at 770-781-2226.

Conducting a Forsyth County warrant search

Is the person you know is suspected of a crime? Forsyth County warrants can answer this question. The sheriff’s website presents a wanted list of people against whom there are pending arrest orders. The list details the offenses each suspect has been charged with.

Tracking a person’s history of convictions

Forsyth County court records present all the instances in which a person was prosecuted, stood trial and / or found guilty of a crime. They can be obtained at the office of the Clerk of Court. You will be asked to file a FOIA request to view public records. For more information regarding this procedure, read the online guide written by the Attorney General. You may also file an electronic request to view copies of criminal court dockets. However, you must include a case number and it is not always known.

Conducting a statewide criminal record check

There are two sources you can utilize to track a person’s criminal history all over the state:

  • To find NC arrest records, refer to the NC DPS electronic offender search. It provides you with an inmate locator which also enables you to see probationers and parolees. contains an efficient background check tool that can be used to view Forsyth County arrest records, warrants and court dockets. It also shows police records, convictions and civil data from all the state’s counties. The information is up to date and accurate. All searches are completely anonymous and secure.