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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Find Halifax County Arrest Records and Warrants How to Find Halifax County Arrest Records and Warrants Read these guidelines to easily find Halifax County arrest records, warrants and court dockets, NC. Use and advanced online criminal background check tool
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Finding Halifax County Arrest Records and Warrants – Carry out a Background Check

Halifax County arrest records will give you an indication if a certain person has been detained in the past by the police. Knowing this is important for a background check you might need to do at one point or another. Luckily, North Carolina is a record state; that is, criminal records are available to the public under FOIA Laws.

Where to ask for copies of Halifax County arrest records

A local arrest search should be conducted at the sheriff office (355 Ferrell Lane Halifax, NC 27839.  Phone: 252-583-8201 Fax:252-583-2698). Once you are there, you can also inquire about wanted people. The staff will be able to give you information on Halifax County warrants. Be advised, cases under investigation or juvenile records are usually inaccessible to the public.

Carrying out a statewide inmate search

For a wider inquiry that will reveal North Carolina arrest records, visit the online offender search of the Department of Public Safety ( Once there, type the offender's name and you will be able to garner information on current and past arrestees statewide. You will also see releases, absconders and parolees.

Searching for copies of court records

Halifax County arrest records do not contain information on people convicted of a crime. They only show people taken into custody regardless of whether they were found guilty of committing an offense or not. A person's prior convictions appear on court records. Copies of Halifax County court records can be asked at the office of the Clerk of Court (phone: 252-593-3000). Filing a FOIA request will be required to view official docket. Here, you will find some instructions regarding this procedure.

All the background information you will need in one place

On you will find an efficient criminal history search tool. Type a person name to get a full, accurate and updated background report containing Halifax County arrest records related to that person as well as warrants and conviction records – in fact, all that you need to discover if he/she has ever had problems with the law. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. The fees for this service are low.