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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Access Harnett County Arrest Records Access Harnett County Arrest Records How to access Harnett County arrest records, NC. Perform a criminal record check using an accurate search tool that covers the whole state and country.
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How to Access Harnett County Arrest Records

You should begin your search for Harnett County arrest records by referring to the two online inmate population reports published by the local detention center. The first report consists of people apprehended in the last 24 hours. The second conveys information on current inmates. Both reports include a mugshot in addition to the inmate’s personal detail, offenses he / she is charged with, confinement date and release, docket #, court date and bond.

Searching for an inmate in the entire state

The information conveyed by Harnett County arrest records is only local. To carry out a wider inmate inquiry, we recommend the electronic offender search on the NC DPS website. It presents inmates (active and inactive) in detention centers all over North Carolina.

Finding Harnett County warrants

The sheriff presents a list of people he considers to be most wanted. If you are looking for additional information on the county’s fugitives, arrive at his office directly (175 Bain St. Lillington, NC 27546, phone: 910-893-9111) to inquire about a specific person. Another place to look for Harnett County warrants is the Magistrate office. This is where arrest orders against suspects are issued, so you will surely get the most updated information there. For further details, dial 910-893-0242.

Inquiring about a person’s prior convictions

Harnett County court records will give you a fair indication of whether a person has ever been prosecuted and convicted of a crime. Visit the office of the Clerk of Court and ask them to conduct a criminal background check for you. You will have to provide the name of the person you want to be checked. Be prepared to pay $25 for a certified copy. For further instructions, refer to the e-book written by the Attorney General of North Carolina.

Carrying out a sex offender search

To find out if there are any sex felons living near you, turn to the NC sex offender registry. You can locate an offender statewide by name, address or latitude/longitude.

A recommended search tool

If you want to get full criminal history reports related to people residing in your county or in the state, use the search tool operated by It gets its information from multiple data banks (public and private) to make sure results are accurate and updated. By using it, you will get direct access to Harnett County arrest records, warrants and court dockets. You will get the same information for other counties as well. The search process is quick, secure and 100% anonymous.