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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Where You Can Obtain Lee County Arrest Records Where You Can Obtain Lee County Arrest Records Learn how to find Lee County arrest records and warrants, NC. Use a reliable background check tool that covers all of North Carolina and the U.S.
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Lee County arrest records are displayed on the Jail Inmate Section on the sheriff’s website. There you will find a computerized data bank with details on people apprehended in the last couple of years. The information shown includes a detainee’s age, race, sex, admit date in addition to charge description, offense date, court type and date, bond amount and the agency that made the arrest. Lee County arrest records will present you with information limited to detainees in the local jail. If you wish to conduct a much more comprehensive inquiry that encompasses other detention centers throughout North Carolina, refer to the online inmate database operated by state’s Department of Safety. You will also be able to locate people apprehended in the past and are now released.

Finding Lee County warrants

To check the status of an individual, especially to find out if he is wanted for a crime, visit the sheriff office at 1401 Elm St. Sanford, NC 27331, phone: 919-775-5531. To garner updated information on Lee County warrants, go to the Magistrate. The large majority of arrest orders issued in the county go through them, so this is the best place to conduct your inquiry. For further details, dial 919-718-6319.

How to do a criminal record check

Lee County court records display a person’s conviction history. They should be searched at the office of the Clerk of Court (phone: 919-718-6300). All you need to do is provide them with a name of the individual you want to be checked and pay 25 dollars for a formal copy. North Carolina FOIA Laws gives you almost unlimited access to governmental files, so you should exploit it to acquire background information.

A recommended search option shows how to perform a background check in each of the state’s counties. Moreover, the website puts at your disposal a reliable search device that enables you to learn about a person’s criminal history. You will get name-based reports presenting Lee County arrest records, warrants and dockets released by the court. Data also covers other counties to give you a complete and accurate account. Searcher’s confidentiality is strictly observed.