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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Mecklenburg County Arrest Records Mecklenburg County Arrest Records Find Mecklenburg County arrest records, NC. This online search tool enables you to perform a complete background check in the state and county
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Finding Mecklenburg County Arrest Records

Finding Mecklenburg County arrest records is not a complicated task due to the availability of multiple sources open to public view. Practically speaking, you will be able to carry out a background check on any person of interest to you.

Carrying out an arrest search

To garner updated information on Mecklenburg County arrest records, visit the sheriff's website and use its inmate inquiry tool. There are two search options available to you:

  • The first database reveals the names of people incarcerated in the last 3 years.You have the option to limit your inquiry to the last 24 hours to view recent arrests.

You will be presented with important data, such as the detainee's personal details and mugshot, incarceration date and time, offense description, arrest ID, the law enforcement agency that incarcerated the detainee and bond information.

  • The second database displays inmates that have spent time in jail in the last 3 years. You may focus your inquiry on active inmates only.

Where to look for NC arrest records

Those interested in tracking a person's incarceration history all over the state are advised to make use of the DPS criminal offender search. It provides plenty of information types consisting of active and inactive inmates, probationers/parolees, releases, absconders and even data on escapes.

How to carry out a Mecklenburg County warrant search

When it comes to inquiring about wanted people, the sheriff should be your primary source. Visit his website. On the same webpage where you can extract data on Mecklenburg County arrest records, there is also a link to a warrant search tool. By typing the subject's name, you will be presented with his or her offenses, case and process number and doc type.

An important aspect you should be aware of

Mecklenburg County warrants, once issued, remain valid indefinitely and make you susceptible to an arrest at any given time and place. If you have reasons to believe you are wanted by the police, we suggest hiring a lawyer and resolving this matter as soon as you can.

Obtaining criminal court records

To check if a certain person has prior convictions, you ought to obtain copies of Mecklenburg County court records. The way to do it is to get to the office of the Clerk of Courts (832 E 4th St #2132, Charlotte, NC 28202. Telephone: 704-686-0600) and submit a request to view public records. NC FOIA laws promise you full access to those files. For further information, consult the e-book published by the Attorney General.

Searching for sex offenders

The best way to do an NC sex offender search is to visit the online state's directory where you can trace convicted sex felons based on their geographical location or name.

Another recommended background check option

You can conduct a full criminal background check using the search tool on You will get updated and highly accurate reports containing Mecklenburg County arrest records and warrants in addition to criminal histories from all of the state's counties including criminal records. Your anonymity is 100% guaranteed.