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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Onslow County Arrest Records and Warrants Onslow County Arrest Records and Warrants The best way to search for Onslow County arrest records and warrants, NC. Use this website's inquiry tool to do a background check in the county & state.
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The Best Way to Search for Onslow County Arrest Records and Warrants

Checking a person’s criminal background today is much easier than it used to be in the past thanks to the availability of resources which can be used to find Onslow County arrest records and warrants. Most of these resources appear online. That means you don’t even need to leave your doorstep to obtain information.

Accessing Onslow County arrest records

You will not be able to find an official online inquiry tool that displays Onslow County arrest records. Therefore, we recommend contacting the sheriff office(717 Court St. Jacksonville, NC 28540, ph: 910-455-3113). They can tell you if the one you are checking has been apprehended in the past.

Extending your research to the entire state

You may search for North Carolina arrest records using the computerized inmate locator operated by the NC DPS. This database shows names of current and former offenders that have spent time in detention facilities all over the state’s counties. The data also includes parolees / probationers and absconders.

Conducting an Onslow County warrant search

To inquire about Onslow County warrants, turn to the magistrate office. They are in charge of issuing arrest orders as well as performing other judicial functions (such as accepting guilty pleas when it comes to minor misdemeanor and infraction offenses). You can reach them at 910-478-3619. For your information, outstanding warrants can indicate whether a person is suspected of a crime and are, therefore, prerequisite for any background check.

Performing a case search

To find out if a person has a history of convictions, you should visit the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court, where you can use terminals to access Onslow County court records. If you are looking for a certified copy, you will have to to file a formal FOIA request and pay a fee of $25. For additional information, navigate to the Court’s website.

Utilizing a comprehensive inquiry tool enables you to perform a background check in each and every county in North Carolina. In addition, you may use its advanced inquiry tool, which will show you Onslow county arrest records and other legal dockets related to a person’s criminal history. You will be able to find out if the one you are checking has unresolved issues with the law. You will also get access to relevant civil records. The data is highly accurate as it is updated on a regular basis. What is more, your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.