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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Find Robeson County Arrest Records and Warrants Find Robeson County Arrest Records and Warrants Find Robeson County arrest records, NC. Uncover a person's criminal history with an effective & accurate background check tool that covers the whole state.
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The Best Way to Find Robeson County Arrest Records and Warrants

Learning about a person’s incarceration history is essential for every background check. This article’s main goal, therefore, is to help you find Robeson County arrest records. You will also be shown where to search for warrants and criminal court records.

How to conduct an arrest inquiry

The authorities do not offer a computerized inquiry tool which displays Robeson County arrest records. What you can do is one of the following:

  • Turn to the local detention center and ask about an individual detainee. They are available on the phone at 910-671-3130.
  • Refer to broader official databases. The most important database is run by the NC DPS. It will allow you to inquire about North Carolina arrest records by showing inmates (including inactive ones) in detention centers all across the state.

Where to inquire about Robeson County warrants

Any information about wanted people should be sought at the sheriff office. You should go there in person (120 Legend Road, Lumberton NC 28358, phone: 910-671-3100) and ask about the one you are checking. In addition, you may contact the Magistrate Office (phone: 910-844-6001). They issue the county's arrest warrants, so they surely have the information you are seeking.

How to perform a criminal case search

To track a person’s history of prosecution and convictions, go to the Clerk of Superior Court and make a formal request to get copies of Robeson County court records. It is important that you know that you are entitled by law to view governmental civil and criminal dockets. They will ask you to pay $25 per certified copy.

Using an efficient search service explains how conduct a criminal record check in all of NC counties. It also puts at your disposal an accurate inquiry tool that displays the criminal history of any individual you will choose to check. You will be presented with reports containing Robeson County arrest records, warrants and court dockets. The data will also cover other state’s counties. All searches are 100% anonymous and secure.