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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Finding Rockingham County Arrest Records Finding Rockingham County Arrest Records Find Rockingham County arrest records and other dockets required for a criminal record check in North Carolina. Use an advanced online search tool.
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How to Find Rockingham County Arrest Records

To find Rockingham County arrest records and any other docket required for a criminal record check, you will have to refer to the relevant governmental offices which can provide you with the information you are seeking.

Conducting an inmate search

To inquire about Rockingham County arrest records, contact the local jail at 336-634-3236 to ask about a specific detainee. You can also use the online offender search run by the North Carolina DPS. It enables searchers to locate inmates throughout the entire states (including released inmates and parolees).

Finding Rockingham County warrants

The sheriff office can give you updates about the county’s wanted people. For that, you will need to arrive at his office (170 NC65, Reidsville, NC 27320, phone: 336-634-3239) and conduct your inquiry face to face with his staff. Or, alternatively, you can turn to the Magistrate (You will find contact details here) and ask about active arrest warrants issued by their office.

Carrying out a criminal record check

To access Rockingham Countycourt records, go to the Clerk of Superior Court and ask them to perform a background check for you. This check will tell you if a person has a criminal records as a result of prior convictions. Any official copy of a docket from their archive will cost you $25. For further details, dial 336-634-6000.

Extracting all the information you need from one database

Instead of using so many resources for a single background check, you can find all you need by utilizing the online tool offered by By inserting a name, you will receive a detailed account of a person’s criminal history, including Rockingham County arrest records, court dockets, police reports, outstanding warrants and more. You will be able to search other counties as well. All inquires are secure and confidential.