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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Guidelines for Finding Rutherford County Arrest Records Guidelines for Finding Rutherford County Arrest Records The best way to search for Rutherford County arrest records, warrants & court dockets, NC. Conduct a full background check using an efficient online tool.
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How to search for Rutherford County Arrest records

As of now, there is no governmental inquiry tool online that displays Rutherford County arrest records, so the best option for checking a person’s incarceration history is to call the jail (828-287-6160) and ask for details about an inmate (e.g. confinement and release date, charges, bond, etc.). The electronic offender search of North Carolina DPS allows users to search for NC arrest records as it displays inmates confined in correctional facilities statewide (including former inmates and parolees).

Performing a warrant inquiry

There are basically two offices you can refer to in order to extract information on Rutherford County warrants. The Magistrate (phone: 828- 288-6119), who is responsible for issuing the warrants and the sheriff’s Warrant Division (phone: 828-287-6152) who are responsible for executing them. These offices in most of the cases are willing to reveal details about the county’s wanted people as they hope tips from the public will assist them in capturing fugitives.

Searching for conviction records

Rutherford County court dockets present a person’s prior convictions and thus may help you find out if those you are checking have criminal records. The dockets are available at the office of the Clerk of Court (Look for their Criminal Division, phone no. 828- 288-6100). Go there and file a request to get access to public records. If you seek a certified copy, you will be required to pay $25. For further details on this procedure, read the e-guide written by the Attorney General.

Additional resources to help you look for Rutherford County arrest records

One of the best private databases to search for Rutherford County arrest records is offered by You just need to type the subject’s name to get a full account of his / her criminal history statewide (including prior arrests and convictions, warrants, etc.). The data is derived from multiple public and private sources and is updated regularly. Searchers enjoy full anonymity. Finally, you can go to the County Records page where you will find links to articles explaining how to perform a criminal history check in each county in particular.