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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Searching for Johnston County Arrest Records Searching for Johnston County Arrest Records How to perform an online and offline search for Johnston County arrest records, warrants and criminal court dockets, NC. Track a person's criminal history.
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Performing an Online and Offline Search for Johnston County Arrest Records

Johnston County arrest records display a person's incarceration history and so they give good indication of whether the one you are checking has ever had any problems with the law. You can use the sheriff's electronic databases to search for information on arrests made in the county either by date or by a detainee's name. However, take into account that you will be able to see results from the last 15 days only. A more thorough inquiry that shows older Johnston County arrest records as well as inmate information from the entire state of North Carolina can be conducted on the NC DPS offender search website. You will be able to view names of active and inactive inmates, parolees, probationers and absconders.

How to do a warrant inquiry

You cannot see information and updates on Johnston County warrants online, nor will you be able to make a phone inquiry. What you need to do to check if a person appears on the police wanted list, is go to the sheriff office and perform an offline investigation. We strongly suggest that you set an appointment in advance by calling them at 919-989-5010.

Obtaining copies of Johnston County court records

Court records specify a person's convictions of all types of offenses (felonies, misdemeanors and infractions). To view copies of these records, visit the Criminal Filings Division at the office of the Clerk of Court (Courthouse Annex, 207 East Johnston Street, Smithfield, NC). Once you get there, you can request a criminal record check. A certified copy demands a payment of $25. For more details, dial 919-209-5400.

A sex offender search

The NC sex offender registry will help you locate convicted sex felons. You can locate them based on their name or address. The database also allows you to run a geographic inquiry based on latitude/longitude.

Using this website background check service offers you a quick and efficient search option. By typing the name of a subject, you will be given access to comprehensive criminal history reports in which you will be shown  Johnston County arrest records, warrants, court dockets and police reports – all that you need for a full criminal background check. The data also relates to the entire state and includes civil records. Results and figures are highly accurate and up to date. Your anonymity is promised.