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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Search for Wake County Arrest Records

There are a few notable sources that will help you search for Wake county arrest records. Some of these are governmental; others are private but highly effective. The lines below will present these sources.

Starting your arrest inquiry

To find Wake County arrest records, we suggest that you contact the local detention center (3301 Hammond Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27610, telephone no. 919-773-7930) and inquire about their inmate population. In addition, the county law enforcement authorities operate an online police to citizen page that displays arrests made in the last two years or so.  For each detainee the following details are shown: charges, incarceration date, booking agency, status, docket number and bond.

Obtaining information on North Carolina arrest records

The NC Department of Safety enables you to search online for inmates in facilities all over the state. This electronic data bank includes current and former inmates, probationers and parolees.

Where to look for Wake County warrants

Updated information on Wake county warrants can be obtained with the help of the sheriff. You should visit his office (330 S. Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC 27602. Phone: 919-856-6900) and inquire whether there is an arrest order issued against the one you are checking. Be careful, if you come to check on yourself, and it will be discovered there is an outstanding warrant with your name on it, you may end up in jail.

Viewing court records

Wake county court records can be viewed by filing a FOIA request at the office of the Clerk of Court. This includes (if you are interested in a certified copy) filling in an AOC-CR-314 Form and paying a $25 fee. Bear in mind that dockets issued by the court unfold a person's history of convictions and may, thus, show you if a person has a criminal record.

Using this website's advanced background check option

As mentioned above, there are highly effective private tools that can assist you in checking a person's criminal history. One of these recommended tools appear in This tool will present you with accurate and up to date reports containing Wake County arrest records, warrants and court dockets. The data also covers all other state's counties and include civil records as well. Your confidentiality is strictly observed.