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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Find Person County Arrest Records How to Find Person County Arrest Records Search for Person County arrest records and warrants, NC. Utilize this website's search tool to inquire about the background of people that interest you.
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Searching for Person County Arrest Records for a Criminal Background Check

Person County arrest records will help you find out if a person has ever spent time in jail for a crime he/she has committed. These records are a must if you intend to carry out a background check on any of the people involved in your life, for instance a neighbor who has recently moved in, a potential employee, your children's nanny the guy you've just started dating, etc.

Running an arrest search

Unfortunately, the jail section on the Sheriff website does not present any list of current or past detainees. So you'll have to expand your inquiry to cover all of NC arrest records. The DPS maintains an online search tool which will help you trace active and inactive inmates in prison all over the state. This tool also shows absconders, parolees and inmates who have been released in the last three years. You just need to type an inmate's name and you will get an electronic record showing his/her personal details, conviction date and county, sentence and offense description.

Turning to the court

You can use the court resources to garner information on Person County arrest records. What you'll need to do is to obtain copies of criminal court dockets as these dockets will shed light on a person's conviction and, as a result, on the jail or prison sentences he/she has received.

We recommend going to the Clerk of Court (105 S Main St, Roxboro, NC 27573, phone 336-503-5200)and filing a FOIA request to access person county court dockets. You will have to download, fill out and submit a criminal record search form you can find here. You will be charged $25.00 for this service.

Performing a warrant search

To make sure a person you know is not a fugitive from justice, you'll need to find out if an arrest warrant has been issued against him/her. Information on Person County warrants can be obtained with the help of the Sheriff. You will have to drop by his office (120 Court St, Roxboro, NC 27573, phone: 336-597-0500) and check whether that person is wanted by the police. Guided by considerations of public safety, the Sheriff usually shares this information with private citizens on condition that the case in hand does not involve minors.

You can do the same by contacting your city's police, for example Roxboro Police Department. They will be able to assist you in inquiring about offenders in their area of jurisdiction.

Finding sex offenders

North Carolina Sex Offender Registry will enable you to trace sex offenders near your location by inserting your address. You can also run a search based on an offender's name, age, address, status (e.g. registered, failure to register, sexual predators) and latitude and Longitude for areas that have no address.