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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Find Richmond County Arrest records How to Find Richmond County Arrest records Simple instructions to help you search for Richmond County arrest records and warrants, NC. Run a background check using this site's name-based search tool.
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Searching for Richmond County Arrest Records and Warrants

Richmond County arrest records will help you find out if a person has ever served time in jail. Arrest warrants will indicate whether that person had been a fugitive from justice before he was incarcerated. Both are necessary if you intend to run a criminal background check, and so this article will show you how to obtain them.

Carrying out an arrest search

On the Sheriff's website, under Jail, you will find a link to Inmate Information. This link will take you to a search tool through which you can trace current inmates in the county jail by name. The information presented to you includes an offender's mugshot and physical description, booking date, charge description, the court where the case is being processed and bond amount and type.

This search will only show you local Richmond County arrest records. If you want your inquiry to cover other counties, we suggest referring to the online inmate locator operated by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (see link below). It lets you trace an offender in the state's prison by name or number. Each record which appears in this electronic database reveals an offender's personal details, conviction date, booking and release date, the facility where he/she was confined and offense description.

Using court resources

Richmond County court dockets can help you with your arrest search as they will tell you whether the person you are inquiring about has been convicted of a crime and was given a jail sentence. To obtain copies of these dockets, you'll have to go to the Clerk of Court (105 W Franklin St, Rockingham, NC 28379, phone: 910-419-7400) and file a FOIA request. North Carolina Public Records Law obligates the authorities to give the public access to official records in their possession.  

How to perform a Warrant search

To search for Richmond County warrants pay a visit to the Sheriff office (1 Court St. Rockingham, NC 28379, phone: 910-895-3232). Once you are there, you can inquire about a specific person. You can also turn to your local police department for a warrant search. They will have no problem telling you whether a specific person appears on their wanted list and whether there is a pending arrest order with hi/hers name on it.

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