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Database Update on May 31, 2023

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Carry out a Background Check: Search for Vance County Arrest Records

Vance County arrest records will tell you whether a person that matters to you has ever been incarcerated and served time in jail. If that person's name appears on an outstanding warrant, it means that he/she is suspected of committing a crime and is, therefore, wanted by the police. This article will show you how to you find both types of legal dockets.

Carrying out an arrest search

There is no official inmate locator tool on the internet, so you can try to obtain copies of Vance County arrest records by directly contacting the local jail. They can be found at 516 Breckenridge St, Henderson, North Carolina 27536.  Their telephone number is 252-438-3923.

To perform a broader search for North Carolina arrest records, you should use the inmate lookup tool operated by the NC Department of Public Safety. This tool lets you locate current and past inmates in all of the state's prisons based on an offender's name. Each electronic record presented to you includes an offender's number, personal details and status (active or inactive) as well as the crime he/she committed and its type (misdemeanor/felony), conviction county and date, sentence length, booking and release date, the correctional facility where time is served and custody review date. This tool also displays absconders, escaped inmates and released inmates. To access it go here.

How to do a warrant search

The best place to inquire about Vance County warrants is the Sheriff Office. You'll need to drop by their office (156 Church Street, Suite 004, Henderson, NC 27536, phone: 252-738-2200) and ask about a specific person. They are usually quite willing to share warrant information for public safety reasons. They also believe that cooperating with civilians will assist them in locating fugitives while solving cases faster.

You can also run a more precise warrant search by turning to Henderson Police Department. You can visit their main station (134 Rose Ave. Henderson, North Carolina 27536, phone: 252-430-5700) and ask to view the list of wanted people in their area of jurisdiction.

Accessing court databases

Another way of garnering information on Vance County arrest records is accessing copies of criminal court dockets as these dockets detail people convictions in court and, consequently, jail sentences.

What you should do is go to the office of the Superior Court Clerk (156 Church St # 101, Henderson, NC 27536, phone: 252-430-5100). Once you are there, you will need to file a formal  FOIA request to view Vance County court dockets related to criminal cases. You will probably be asked to submit a special file you can download at

Under NC Public Records Law, governmental offices are obligated to reveal the dockets in their possession to the public upon request.