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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Inquire about Watauga County Arrests, NC How to Inquire about Watauga County Arrests, NC Find out how and where you can search for information on Watauga County arrests and warrants, NC. Use this website's criminal background check tool.
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Get Updated Information on Watauga County Arrests and Warrants

To perform a background check on a person that matters to you, you will have to find out two things: whether that person has an arrest warrant carrying his name and whether he has ever been arrested. This article shows you exactly how to inquire about Watauga County arrests and warrants.

The first place to start an arrest search is the local detention center. They do not have an online jail roster, so you will need to contact them and ask about the person that interests you. Their phone number is 828-265-7614.

Another governmental office that can give information on Watauga County arrest records is the Clerk of Superior Court. You should visit their office (842 West King Street, Suite 13, Boone, NC 28607, Phone: 828-268-6600) and make a request to access their archive of criminal court dockets. These dockets can tell you if a person has been convicted of a crime and was, consequently, sent to jail. North Carolina FOIA Laws obligate the authorities to reveal most of the records they possess for public inspection in reasonable time.

If you are looking for information not only on Watauga County arrests but on arrest records issued all over the state, refer to the online offender search tool operated by the North Carolina  Department of Public Safety. This tool enables you to trace active and inactive inmates in the state's prisons as well as parolees and absconders. Each record presents an inmate's personal details, current location, incarceration status, conviction date, admission date, release date, next custody review and offense type and description.

Carrying out a warrant search

To inquire about Watauga County arrest warrants, go to the sheriff office (184 Hodges Gap Rd. Boone, NC 28607, phone: 828-264-3761).  Once you are there, you can ask whether the person that interests you appears on the police wanted list and whether there is an arrest order for him. The sheriff tends to reveal this information out of considerations of public safety.

You can also turn to Boone Police Department (1500 Blowing Rock Rd. Boone, North Carolina 28607, phone: 828-268-6900) to garner information on wanted people in their area of jurisdiction.

How Can this website help you?

Instead of turning to so many governmental offices, you can obtain all the information you need using on source only. This website's search tool lets you inquire about a person's criminal history simply by typing his name. You will get a full report on this person showing Watauga County arrests, state's prison records, outstanding warrants, police records, criminal court dockets - anything you need to make sure the one you are checking does not risk you, your loved ones or your business. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. The information you'll get is up-to-date and accurate.