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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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Check a person’s background using Craven County Arrest Records

This article shows you how to find Craven County arrest records, so you can know if the person whose background you are checking had any issues with the police that ended with him or her being incarcerated. To start your inquiry, contact the detention center (252-636-6619) and ask for details on a specific detainee. There shouldn’t be any problem finding out if a person is currently in jail and the offenses that led him there.

The inmate locator of the North Carolina Department of Safety can also shed light on Craven County arrest records and much more. It allows you to extract information on people apprehended all over the state (including those who have been released or on parole).

Guidelines for a warrant inquiry

There are two governmental sources that can provide information on Craven County warrants. You can pay a visit to the sheriff office (1100 Clarks Rd. New Bern NC 28562, phone: 252-636-6620) to find out if an individual is wanted for a crime. Moreover, you can go to the Magistrate office (phone no. 252-639-3015 / 252-635-4843) and ask about warrants issued against suspects.

Conducting a criminal record check

To discover if a person has a criminal record due to prior convictions, you need to go to the Clerk of Court (302 Broad St. New Bern, NC 28560. Phone: 252-639-3000) and request to view Craven County court records. These records are accessible to the public under NC FOIA Laws. A certified copy costs $25.

Using this website’s background check services

To make your search process much simpler while not compromising efficiency and accuracy, use the background check tool offered by this website. You will get access to criminal history reports on people living in your county and the entire state. These reports display Craven County arrest records, warrants, court dockets and police records. Your anonymity is guaranteed.