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Database Update on September 21, 2023

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How to Find Nash County Arrest Records How to Find Nash County Arrest Records How to inquire about Nash County arrest records, warrants and court dockets, NC. Use an extensive online tool for an accurate criminal record check.
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Searching for Nash County Arrest Records

To inquire about Nash County arrest records, call the local jail. They operate a direct line for inmate information: 252-459-1567. You may also choose to utilize the computerized offender search maintained by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. It will allow you to track an inmate (former inmates as well) all over the state's correctional centers.

Performing a warrant inquiry

To extract information on Nash County warrants, you should turn to the office that issues them – The Magistrate (234 W Washington St, Nashville, North Carolina 27856, Phone: 252-220-3019) or to the office that is responsible for executing them – the sheriff (222 W.  Washington Street, Nashville, NC 27856, phone:  252-459-4121). Both usually tend to share information as they understand that cooperating with the public may help them expedite criminal investigations.

Obtaining copies of criminal court records

Nash county court records will tell you whether the person you are checking has a history of convictions. To get copies of these records, visit the office of the Clerk of Court and ask them to perform a background check for you (on any person you want). An official docket cost $25. Bear in mind, the North Carolina Public Records Law entitles all residents the right to view dockets possessed by the government, including criminal dockets.

Use one comprehensive source for a complete criminal background check

This website puts at disposal an extensive search tool that allows you to do a full criminal record check while saving you the time and effort of turning to so many governmental bodies. After typing a name, you will be provided with a lengthy criminal history report showing Nash County arrest records, the subject's prior convictions, warrants and criminal records. Civil data is also shown in the search results. The data covers all of North Carolina (You may choose to search other states as well). Accuracy and confidentiality are promised.